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The Unintended Results of a Micromanaging Board of Directors (June 6, 2018)

When an organization is in its beginning phases a board must be focused, and more often than not, take over responsibilities normally considered operational duties. A micromanaging board for a start-up nonprofit is certainly a very common situation.

Unfortunately, if this type of board activity continues for a prolonged period of time it can become a prominent feature of the organization. Rather than spending time on policies or long term strategies, the board becomes bogged down in the minutia even though it may provide for short term gratification.

Micromanaging could have many of the small decisions subject to board approval. This could cause a lack of initiative from staff,  including the executive director. It could also possibly stifle creativity, and out of the box thinking.

The micromanaging board may have problems attracting and keeping top talent, since the new employee may feel hindered in their position, due to the board’s culture.

Finally, what may be a positive start-up approach could possibly cause the organization to slowly diminish their views on creativity and strategic planning.

By Steven M. Brettholtz, CPA, Managing Partner at Myers, Brettholtz & Company, PA.  Steve can be reached at or 239.690.4256.

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